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48% Off

We believe patients shouldn't have to skip taking their medications they need. If you're having trouble paying for your Smz/Tmp prescription, MedSaverCard can help!
What would happen if thousands of uninsured or under-insured patients banded together to receive lower prices on their drugs? MedSaverCard would happen! Our free program works by negotiating group discounts for our cardholders. You see, pharmacies still want your business. They'll accept a lower price for cash patients who use our program because we drive business to their stores.  

Benefits of Our Program

  • Provides an instant rebate/discount on the cash price of any drug, including Smz/Tmp
  • Card is 100% FREE, no strings attached (we get paid by the pharmacies, not you)
  • Everyone qualifies, regardless of age, income or pre-existing medical conditions
  • Card is activated instantly, no waiting in the mail or calling in
  • Works with all FDA approved drugs, not just Smz/Tmp
  • Accepted at most pharmacies (over 60,000 locations nationwide)


Start Saving with 3 Steps

  1. Enter your name in the box on the right and click 'Create my Card'
  2. Print your MedSaverCard (or send to your phone)
  3. Present your MedSaverCard along with your prescription


Our Discounted Prices on Smz/Tmp


Name Qty Avg Price Avg Savings
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 10 $5.30 $9.95   (65% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 12 $6.01 $6.98   (53% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 15 $9.13 $2.86   (24% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 16 $8.36 $3.63   (30% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 20 $7.18 $9.84   (52% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 21 $5.88 $6.96   (52% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 22 $7.51 $4.03   (35% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 23 $7.92 $3.50   (31% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 24 $8.96 $4.69   (35% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 27 $7.13 $5.56   (44% off)
SMZ/TMP DS TAB 800-160 30 $9.59 $16.89   (60% off)

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