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We believe people shouldn’t go without prescriptions they need. We believe this, because we know what happens first hand when this isn’t the case.

We believe people shouldn’t go without prescriptions they need

I grew up highly dependent on prescription medication. Ever since I could remember, I battled with extreme allergies, asthma, and eczema. I know what happens when you don’t or can’t take a prescription… life can be miserable. I remember years ago, after being treated for eczema so severe it covered my entire body, and left me scratching and tearing up my skin relentlessly. After we had tried nearly treatment, the doctor told me, “there is one more option. But your insurance doesn’t cover it.”
There’s nothing worse than knowing a solution is within reach, but unattainable. And that’s exactly why MedSaverCard exists. Every month, millions of patients don’t take their much needed medications. The reasons vary. Some have recently lost a job and their insurance along with it. Some have insurance, but it doesn’t cover a specifc drug or their plan has a high deductible. Still others are stuck in a “donut-hole” of coverage of a governmental program like Medicare. Whatever the reason, paying full retail price just isn’t an option.

Pharmacies still want your business, even if you don’t have insurance

If you’re in this situation, know that you’re not alone. The truth of the matter is this: pharmacies still want your business, even if you don’t have insurance. They know that millions of patients don’t have prescription drug coverage. And that’s where the power of MedSaverCard’s network comes in.
Our pharmacy benefit manager has negotiated significant discounts due to the size of our network. On average, most members save about 50% on generic drugs. On brand names drugs, the average savings is around 10%. No, it’s not as cheap as an insurance copay, because this isn’t insurance. This program is 100% free, and there are no pre-existing exclusions, income or age requirements whatsoever.
We believe people shouldn’t go without prescriptions they need. Everything we do centers around this belief. In addition to helping customers here in the USA, we also donate a significant portion of our revenue to a charity that provides life-saving medicines to chronically ill patients in developing countries. Why, because people matter more than profits!
Thanks for taking the time to read about who we are. If I can help you in anyway, please email me personally at: justin@medsavercard.com

Justin Palmer
MedSaverCard Founder & CEO
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