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"...You can save up to 80% using the MedSaverCard. The only information needed is your name, you just print out your card and instantly start saving on your medicine." - Read Full Story

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"I saved almost $45.00 on one prescription using this card..woohoo" - Julie F. Illinois

"I was a bit skeptical initially. But I printed the card out anyway and brought it to my neighborhood Walgreen's. The pharmacist told me I'd save about $8 off my prescription. I was thrilled!" - Kim H. Missouri

"I saved over 60% on three of my medications and 24% on the other. That was a savings of over $40. This card is great!" - Carl V. Florida

"For the first time I was able to save on a prescription for one of my dogs. An antibiotic, that would have cost around $35, was only $20, saving me $15! I'm very impressed!" - Neal M. Florida

Save up to 80% off your Medications, even without Insurance!

The cost of prescription drugs is absolutely outrageous. Even if you have prescription drug coverage, many plans don’t cover much needed medications.

A FREE MedSaverCard can Help!

Simply print your FREE MedSaverCard, Bring it to any participating pharmacy nationwide, and receive up to a 80% discount off your pharmacy’s usual and customary prices (works on both brand name & generic drugs!). How much can you save? View our price list.
Sound too good to be true? Learn More about How MedSaverCard works.

Who Can Use MedSaverCard?

MedSaverCard can be used by anyone at any age, but is especially useful for:


What pharmacies accept MedSaverCard?

MedSaverCard is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies, including major pharmacy chains such as:


What drugs can I receive a discount on?

MedSaverCard is eligible for use with all FDA approved prescription drugs, including these commonly prescribed scripts:

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